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Speaker Moguls™ is an immersive business and brand building experience where we create highly-paid, sought-after speakers. It is for women who have expertise and are serious about leveraging speaking as a business not a hobby.

Whether you are a current speaker or an attorney, coach, consultant, entrepreneur who wants to be a speaker, you deserve to make bank for your brilliance. That requires you to take the first step to receive the proper training and guidance from someone who's been there, done that, and still doing it.

 Warning: there's no quick fix. Becoming a highly-paid, sought-after speaker requires dedication, commitment, and action. It also requires the proper positioning. That's why we don't just teach you the business of speaking but also how to design a bankable brand strategy.

Speaker Moguls™ have a unique aura, command attention and exude excellence. If you invest in yourself and do the work, we will help you win. 

Don't listen to the haters ...

  • You can become a highly-paid, sought-after speaker.
  • You do have what it takes.
  • And no, "started from the bottom now we here," does not have to be your mantra.

 Everything you need to be successful is right here in Speaker Moguls™: access, connections, exposure. 

 But first YOU have to believe in you!

Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA

LWL Founder & Chief Visionary Badass

Kelly Charles-Collins knows she is “the table.” After 24 years as a successful trial attorney, Kelly accepted her freedom papers and built a multiple six-figure speaking, training, and mentoring business. Kelly has been featured on CBS and NBC and in Time.com, Forbes, Fast Company, Authority Magazine, and Woman’s Wear Daily.

An awarding-winning TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, speaker mentor, bankable brand strategist, and retired law firm partner & trial attorney of 24 years, Kelly is a sought-after, trusted advisor.

 Dedicated to empowering women and creating safe spaces where people respect and embrace each other’s humanity, Kelly is recognized as an authority on topics including unconscious bias, bystander intervention, courageous conversations, and personal and business branding.

Kelly is the author of four books on the topics of empowerment and inclusion. Her latest books are Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Badass and Conversations Change Things: The “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations.

As THE Speaker Mogul, current or aspiring speakers hire Kelly as their Speaker Moguls Mentor to learn to master the business of professional speaking and build a bankable brand that gets them know and paid.

Corporations hire Kelly to help them create safe, inclusive, and accountable workplace cultures where people respect and embrace each other’s humanity.
Kelly was recently featured on Time.com where she shared how she created her table. She transitioned from law firm partner to six-figure entrepreneur by leveraging her profession to pursue her purpose.

Kelly is on a mission to empower women and help them win. In addition to her work as a powerful speaker, Kelly is the founder of Ladies Who Leverage®, a global network that empowers women to connect authentically, build strategically, and live life unapologetically AF. She is also the host of the Ladies Who Leverage® Podcast and the publisher of the Ladies Who Leverage® “Visionary Life” Magazine.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Speaker Moguls is committed to curating safe, healthy spaces for its membership. 

Speaker Moguls strictly prohibits discrimination of any kind. 

Speaker Moguls and its founder believes that "Black Lives Matter" and that saying "all lives matter" is offensive and an affront to to the lives, health, safety and wellbeing of Black people. And while Speaker Moguls believes that everyone is entitled to their opinions, this particular belief is not open for debate.